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Imagen Tennessee

Clinical Leader Steven Hernandez is growing a community of exceptional dentists in Tennessee, who inspire each other to new heights of clinical and business success.

Clinical Leader

Steven Hernandez, DDS

Steven Hernandez, DDS


Tennessee Clinical Leader Dr. Steven Hernandez of Lifetime Dentistry is an accomplished educator experienced in mentoring and educating as a visiting faculty member for CDOCS. He teaches an Advanced User Curriculum for new Conebeam owners and speaks on behalf of Patterson and Henry Schein at the national level. Dr. Hernandez looks forward to fostering a clinic of dentists who embrace digital technologies to reach new heights of success, discovering the same joy and renewed passion for the profession that he has.

"As a Clinical Leader, some of my hopes for other doctors is they find their passion again for dentistry, and it is reignited. We aren’t thinking about running a business. We aren’t thinking about HR, vacations, and raises, but we have focused on patients again. None of us went to dental school to run businesses; we went to treat patients... and now we can focus on them again."

Dr. Steven Hernandez, DDS

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