Welcome California Clinical Leaders Dr. Anthony Hatch & Dr. Shivi Gupta

Two doctors are co-leading the California Clinical Region. Both Dr. Anthony Hatch and Dr. Shivi Gupta with Scripps Rock Dental have been dental educators while running vibrant practices, and their combined expertise will provide members with an inspiring environment focused on innovation and growth. Learn with them and reach new heights of success.

“Imagen—as a company—is very patient-centric and it allows me to take care of my patients exactly as I did before. I still deliver the dentistry and have the same patient experiences, while having this partnership with Imagen as they’re helping me build that practice that I want.”


Clinical Autonomy & Business Growth

<p>Imagen is a Dental Partnership Organization focused on the needs of dentists and their patients. We have evolved the traditional DSO model by offering partners full clinical autonomy while delivering world-class business support and presenting opportunities to build long-term wealth. That business support is specifically curated for top-tier doctors and their teams, driving collective excellence while allowing dentists to focus on being dentists and provide exceptional patient care. We specifically seek partners—like Dr. Hatch and Dr. Gupta—driven to pursue their greatest potential. We welcome tech-oriented, patient-centric practices to join the industry’s best and achieve new heights of success.</p>

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