Imagen What’s Next
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“Partnering with like-minded dentists across the country that share the same vision of utilizing digital technology in our dental practices has been wonderful because I don’t feel like I’m doing it on my own. The support, and the advice, and the camaraderie that we have, has been one of the greatest benefits of Imagen Dental Partners.”


Clinical Autonomy & Business Growth

Imagen is a Dental Partnership Organization focused on the needs of dentists and their patients. We have evolved the traditional DSO model by offering partners full clinical autonomy while delivering world-class business support and presenting opportunities to build long-term wealth. That business support is specifically curated for top tier doctors and their teams, driving collective excellence while allowing dentists to focus on being dentists and provide exceptional patient care. We specifically seek partners—like Dr. Barsoum—driven to pursue their greatest potential. We welcome tech-oriented, patient-centric practices to join the industry’s best and achieve new heights of success.

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