Imagen Dental Partners

Imagen helps dental professionals provide superior patient care by partnering with, supporting, and growing great dental practices.

What Imagen Offers:

  •    Clinical Autonomy
  •    Wealth Creation
  •    Continuing Education and Mentorship
  •    Business Support
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Industry Partners

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Our Distinct Offering

Imagen’s collaborative partnership is upheld by our centralized system of support that is specifically curated for top tier dentists and their teams. Our services help our community carve a path of collective excellence but allowing dentists to focus on being dentists. We take care of the backend business so that our dentists can devote themselves to exceptional patient-care experience, explore technical innovation, and create goals for long-term wealth building.

People & Cultural Management
Accounting and Finance
Insurance Credentialing

Dentist Testimonial

Dr. Mona Patel

Partnering with like-minded dentists across the country that share the same vision of utilizing digital technology in our dental practices has been wonderful because I don’t feel like I’m doing it on my own. The support, and the advice, and the camaraderie that we have, has been one of the greatest benefits of Imagen Dental Partners.

Earning Potential for an Imagen Dentist

The projected earnings for Imagen dentists are significantly more than the expected income of dentists who remain with their independent practice over the next ten years.

Independent Practice Earnings

Independent practices may work longer hours to manage their office, yet earn substantially less.

Imagen Practice Earnings

Imagen members have greater earning potential than most independent practices. We will share strategies proven to grow your patient base and revenues. Our Support Center helps you streamline operations and administrative functions to reduce costs. And because you’ll own a stake in the entire Imagen community, you’ll earn beyond your own production.

Taking Care of Your Business

Together, our goal is to create a greater ease of practice management—to tackle problems and share solutions, allowing dentists and their teams to focus on providing a superior quality of care. Our curated selection of the industry’s pinnacle talent – those highly-skilled and motivated in every department – will take additional stress off your plate and allow you to focus on delivering quality of care to your patients, with the comfort of knowing that your practice is running smoothly.

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Why Imagen?

Imagen allows dentists to focus on patients

Imagen solves challenges by offering solutions for dentists who seek to see their knowledge, their practice and their overall business grow. By partnering with doctors to support individual practice success and a robust organization, we are dentistry’s next big wave of spectacular growth. More than a partnership, we are a community. Together, we are a collective of partner doctors working together to raise clinical standards across the country, while helping each other thrive.

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Dentist Testimonial

Dr. Richard Rosenblatt

Illinois Chapter Leader Dr. Rich Rosenblatt is a second-generation dentist, people person, and enthusiastic educator who belongs to the faculty and acts as a speaker for companies such as Dentsply Sirona, Ivoclar, 3M, and Patterson Dental. He plans to mentor his members clinically while helping them grow their practices financially.

Become a Part of Dentistry’s Future

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why Imagen?

Differentiated from a Dental Support Organization (DSO), Imagen is a true partnership with their Dental Partnership Organization (DPO). Dentists remain owners of their practices, retain clinical autonomy, and own shares in the organization.

2 Can you transition my staff?

Our team of HR professionals will onboard your staff members. We also provide team training and coaching, while encouraging you to retain your existing unique practice culture.

3 What education opportunities do you offer?

We partner with the dental industry’s most respected educators: Spear and CDOCS. As an Imagen practice, you will receive elite-level memberships to both.

4 How long does the process take?

Our systems ensure that transition will happen quickly and seamlessly. Our personalized growth plan points you toward simple steps that will have an immediate, positive effect on your practice.

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