Imagen is a collaborative community that partners with dental practices, investing in them and providing the support for their growth. Our tech-driven, top-tier dentists support and inspire each other, carving a path of collective excellence.

Dentistry With a Difference.

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A Fresh Approach

The Imagen community is progressive, inviting, and supportive, creating a model where dentists retain ownership and continue to lead their practices, focusing on clinical excellence. Dentists make their own decisions and reap the rewards of their efforts, while supported by the greater Imagen community. Our centralized services provide seamless practice management, successfully integrating our brand into established practices. This allows dentists to grow independently while also investing in each other—and Imagen as a whole.

Our Vision
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How we are different

We provide an innovative environment where doctors and patients thrive. We are a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) that emphasizes technology and mastery of advanced clinical skills, encouraging our dentists to practice at the highest standards possible. Imagen DPO™️ is founded on true partnership, born from the desire to support doctors in supporting their patients. Our construct allows patients to feel seen, respected, and cared for. We do more than meet expectations, we surpass them—crafting smiles that last.

Why Imagen?
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Dentists Helping Dentists

Together, our goal is to create a greater ease of practice management—to tackle problems and share solutions, allowing dentists and their teams to focus on providing a superior quality of care. Our mentors—the industry's most skilled and motivated in every department—will take stress off your plate so you can give patients the attention they deserve, comfortable in the knowledge that your practice is running smoothly.

Partner with us

We support our dentists and their practices by delivering best in class systems, processes and services, enabling clinical teams to deliver remarkable dentistry and optimal patient care.

Patients Come First

Our model leaves dentists free to deliver unparalleled calibers of clinical care. We manage all back-end details, so doctors can ensure that their patients are comfortable, cared-for and worry-free. This leads to lasting (and returning) smiles.

Become a part of dentistry’s future
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