Welcome Southeast Chapter Leader
Dr. Michael Snider!

Greenwood Chapter Leader Dr. Michael Snider is a respected lecturer on digital technologies and a Visiting Faculty member at CDOCs. Having built his own practice upon the foundation of progression and constant learning, he wants nothing more than to help his chapter member colleagues succeed.


Imagen is a Dental Partnership Organization focused on the needs of dentists and their patients. We have evolved the traditional DSO model by offering partners full clinical autonomy while delivering world-class business support and presenting opportunities to build long-term wealth. As an elite community, we specifically seek dentists—like Dr. Snider—driven to pursue their greatest potential. We welcome tech-oriented, patient-centric practices to partner with the industry’s best, achieving new heights of success.

“For dentists that are looking for a support network from a
business side of things – Imagen is a no brainer.”


Our Distinct Offering

Imagen’s collaborative partnership is upheld by our centralized system of support that is specifically curated for top tier dentists and their teams. Our services help our community carve a path of collective excellence but allowing dentists to focus on being dentists. We take care of the backend business so that our dentists can devote themselves to exceptional patient-care experience, explore technical innovation, and create goals for long-term wealth building.

Human Resource Management
Accounting and Finance
Credentialing for Insurance Providers
Compliance Program
Become a part of dentistry’s future
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