Why Imagen?

Our Dental Partnership Organization is radically different from traditional DSOs. By fostering a distinct culture that supports doctor-owners, we will pave a path of excellence, leading dentistry to a new future that we collectively define. That future is good for dentists, good for patients, and good for business.

This is how we're different.

Collective Ownership

We have created a profitable structure where dentists are equity partners in their own practices and the collective organization. Our DPO has been deliberately engineered to foster clinical autonomy and support high achievers who embrace innovation. Our structure alleviates obstacles for young dentists struggling with sole ownership of their practice and supports seasoned doctors who are looking to maximize their practice performance.

Centralized Support

We offer doctors best-in-class versions of the centralized services they need most. Our business support allows doctors to succeed by focusing on what they do best—providing exceptional patient care. Our head office is a partner that provides support to chapters and individual practices.

Long-Term Planning

We are the choice for long-term partnership—for doctors wanting to focus on exceptional patient care. Our scope is not short-term, rather, we support our community by planning strategies that grant options for continued patient care and provide navigation for future financial mapping.

Tools for Success

We provide education, peer networks, and technology to elevate care and drive practice performance. Our esteemed partnerships will allow our doctors to explore a range of exceptional options to expand their knowledge and elevate their practice. We are stronger together—sharing ideas and solutions community-wide, and providing mentorship to promote excellence for all members.

Imagen allows dentists to focus on patients

Imagen solves challenges by offering solutions for dentists who seek to see their knowledge, their practice and their overall business grow. By partnering with doctors to support individual practice success and a robust organization, we are dentistry's next big wave of spectacular growth. More than a partnership, we are a community. Together, we are a collective of partner doctors working together to raise clinical standards across the country, while helping each other thrive.

Where doctors, staff and patients thrive

Become a part of dentistry’s future
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