Patterson Dental Supply Partnership

Effective April 1 2021, all Patterson reps will earn full commission when their practice clients partner with Imagen.

Imagen Dental Partners was created from a desire to reinvent dental organizations in a way that works better for dentists, practice teams, and patients alike. We were aware of a gap in the industry: high-performing dentists want business support and to be part of a community where they can connect with like-minded colleagues—but they also want clinical autonomy and economic growth opportunities superior to those provided by existing dental organizations. Imagen DPO® provides these dentists with the partnership opportunity they’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for additional insights into the partnership between Patterson Dental Supply and Imagen Dental Partners:

1 Who is Imagen Dental Partners?

Imagen DPO® is a community of high-performing, technology-forward dental practices. Imagen provides business, financial, marketing, HR, IT, education and leadership services to our partners, enabling them to retain clinical autonomy, focus on best-in-class patient care, and create long-term wealth.

2 How is Imagen different than traditional Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)?

First and foremost, our practice partners retain clinical autonomy, and our expert business support allows dentists to devote themselves to the highest standard of patient care. Imagen practices grow 25% a year, meaning they double their size—and, of necessity, their purchases—every four years. This is great for them and great for you.

3 How does Imagen DPO® help its partner practices grow?

Imagen collaborates with partner practices to develop individualized growth plans and work with partners to ensure the plans are fully executed. Our expert business support increases new patients, patient retention, practice production, and collections—all while reducing costs. All Imagen partners utilize Spear Practice Solutions analytics to drive growth.

4 Is Imagen focused on growing specific regions?

Yes, our current regions are: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

5 Who are the ideal partner practice candidates for Imagen DPO®?

If you have technology-driven clients who aspire to reach their full professional potential and offer patients unparalleled standards of care, then they’re ideal partners for Imagen. We’re undergoing considerable growth and are currently considering partnerships with dentists who are financially secure, ambitious about expanding their practices, and who utilize CAD/CAM and cone-beam or are willing to do so upon joining the partnership.

6 When's the right time to approach a practice about a partnership with Imagen, and how should I do it?

Imagen has created Talk Tracks to help you start a conversation with prospective partner practice owners. If you aren’t sure if a practice is the right fit, or you need help identifying potential Imagen partners, please reach out to our business development team (contact information in FAQ #11.)

7 Why did Imagen choose to partner with Patterson Dental Supply?

Rezwan Manji (Imagen CEO) and Michael Augins (Imagen President) believe that Patterson and its employees are the best in the industry. However, in talking to Patterson reps, we found that the initial partnership wasn’t completely aligned with the goals of the field team. That’s why we worked with Patterson to adapt our partnership and become the first national DPO or DSO to provide full-commission guarantees on purchases by Imagen practices.

8 How did Imagen and Patterson adapt our partnership agreement?

We’re the only national organization to pay your full-commission rates on our practices’ purchases. In 2022, we’re taking that a step further: not only will you receive your full commission for practices that you refer to us who subsequently join Imagen DPO®, but we will guarantee your commission in the event the practice’s Patterson spend doesn’t increase. It’s a win-win for you!

9 What impact does Imagen have on Patterson?

In 2021, Imagen practices purchased 113% more from Patterson compared to 2020. As Imagen has continued to grow, so has the opportunity for Patterson reps: in 2021, Imagen partnered with six practices that began purchasing from Patterson, representing $400,000 in new Patterson revenue. Over the next year, Imagen’s practices are purchasing $1.4M in equipment, including Primemill, Primescan and Axeos.

10 If I have any questions, who should I reach out to at Imagen?

Should reps have any questions, they may reach out to our business development team below.

Doug Clarke
Director, Business Development
Southern US (AZ, CA, FL, GA, TX, SC, TN)
T: 206.802.8778
Andy Schroeder
Director, Business Development
Northern US (IL, IN, KY, MI, WI, MN, OH)
T: 317.755.7207
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