Patterson Dental Supply Partnership

Effective April 1 2021, all Patterson reps will earn full commission when their practice clients partner with Imagen.

Imagen was born from a question: how could dental organizations be reinvented to work better for dentists, the industry, and patients alike? High-performing dentists told us they wanted to partner with like-minded colleagues and grow together. As their business grows, so will yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find FAQs that provide additional insight into the Patterson Dental Supply partnership with Imagen Dental Partners.

1 Who is Imagen Dental Partners?

Imagen, a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO), is a collection of high performing, high technology dental practices. It enables partners to focus on superior patient care, grow through education and technology, and create long-term wealth. We are a collaborative community that partners with dental practices, investing in them and providing the support for their growth. Our tech-driven, top-tier dentists support and inspire each other, carving a path of collective excellence.

2 How is Imagen different than other DSOs?

Our DPO is radically different from traditional DSOs. We foster a distinct culture that supports doctor-owners, and are unique in our use of technology, education and coaching to drive growth. Imagen’s collaborative partnership is upheld by our centralized system of support that is specifically curated for top-tier dentists and their teams. Our services help our community carve a path of collective excellence by allowing dentists to focus on being dentists. We take care of the backend business so that our dentists can devote themselves to exceptional patient-care experiences, explore technical innovation, and create goals for long-term wealth building.

Our average practice grows 15% a year, meaning they double their size—and of necessity, their purchases—every 5 years. This is great for them and great for you.

3 Is Imagen focused on growing specific regions?

Yes, Imagen has key markets on which we are focused on. Our current regions are Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin. We have plans to expand into Southern California and Ohio in the next few months. Additional geographic expansion is not planned before 2022.

4 Who are the ideal partner practice candidates with Imagen?

Imagen is an obvious choice for technology-driven dentists who aspire to reach their full professional potential and offer patients unparalleled standards of care. Members embrace innovation and prioritize education as avenues to maximizing practice success, diversifying their clinical skills, and improving patient outcomes.

As a developing organization, Imagen is undergoing considerable growth and is currently considering partnerships with dentists who share its patient-focused philosophy. Prospective members must be innovative in spirit, financially secure, and ambitious about expanding their practices. All Imagen practice partners must utilize CAD/CAM and cone-beam or be willing to do so upon joining the partnership.

5 Why did Imagen choose to partner with Patterson Dental Supply?

Both Rezwan Manji (CEO) and Michael Augins (President) have long been partners and supporters of Patterson and believe you are the best in the industry. When it came time to choose a distribution partner there was only one logical choice. However, in talking to reps, we found that the initial partnership was not yet completely aligned with the goals of the field team. That is why we worked with Patterson to adapt our partnership to become the first national DSO or DPO to provide full commission rates on purchases by Imagen practices.

6 How did we adapt our agreement?

Imagen is partnering with Patterson Dental Supply to bring back commission on all products purchased by Imagen practices. Historically, dentists that partner with national DSOs lose the support of the Patterson field team and you lose commission on those accounts. With our new partnership, we will become the only national organization to pay your full commission rates on our practices’ purchases.

7 How does this partnership impact the Patterson Dental Supply sales reps?

Starting April 1st, when practices partner with Imagen, Patterson Dental Supply sales reps will receive the same commission rates you do for independent practices . You will support them in the same manner as when they were independent, however we only buy from Patterson. This is a huge opportunity, as 50% of our practices come from other dealers and we bring them over to Patterson. Even our practices that were already Patterson customers end up buying more as we help them grow.

8 How does Imagen help its partner practices grow?

Imagen’s collaborative partnership is upheld by our centralized system of support that is specifically curated for top tier dentists and their teams. Our services help our community carve a path of collective excellence by allowing dentists to focus on being dentists. We take care of the backend business, ultimately increasing new patients, patient retention, production, collections—all while reducing costs. In addition, Imagen collaborates with partner practices to develop individualized growth plans and work with partners to ensure the plans are fully executed. All Imagen partners utilize Spear Practice Solutions analytics to drive growth.

9 If I have any questions, who should I reach out to at Imagen?

Should reps have any questions, they may reach out to our business development team below.

Doug Clarke
Director, Business Development
Southern US (AZ, CA, GA, SC, TN)
T: 206.802.8778
Andy Schroeder
Director, Business Development
Northern US (IL, WI, MN, OH)
T: 317.755.7207
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