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Top-Notch Dental Care Meets Impeccable Expertise: Laguna Family Dentistry & Imagen DPO® Unite

Imagen DPO® is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration, extending a warm welcome to Laguna Family Dentistry as our newest partner!

Laguna Family Dentistry has firmly established itself as a trusted dental care provider, distinguished by its unwavering dedication to quality and patient contentment. By seamlessly integrating their expertise and services within the Imagen network, they are poised to accelerate their growth while capitalizing on economies of scale. This strategic partnership will enable them to streamline costs, enhance operational efficiency, and, ultimately, elevate the level of dental care they offer to patients.

Laguna Family Dentistry has earned acclaim for its steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding dental care that prioritizes convenience, comfort, and personalized attention. Situated in proximity to the renowned Laguna Beach, their location offers picturesque city views during patient visits, complemented by thoughtful amenities such as complimentary beverages and cozy blankets.

Led by Dr. Alex Kalmanovich, their team seamlessly combines professional proficiency with an artistic touch, resulting in exquisite dental solutions. They also invest in cutting-edge technology, boasting features like a CEREC machine for same-day crowns and digital X-rays for precise imaging with minimal radiation exposure.

Their comprehensive array of services spans general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric care, and innovative solutions for sleep apnea, embodying a holistic approach to dental health.

For further information about Laguna Family Dentistry, please visit their website at