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Adam Pollack

Director, Business Development

Adam Pollack holds the position of Director of Business Development, where his primary focus is on forging new partnerships with dental practices in the Western United States. At the vanguard of dental and orthodontic innovation, Pollack is committed to transforming clinical care. His expertise extends beyond improving care quality to securing the long-term prosperity and success of practice owners, establishing him as an influential figure in the dental sector.

With a rich background spanning over twenty years in business strategy and development, Pollack has made notable contributions and achieved significant milestones in the dental and orthodontic fields. His professional journey commenced at RMO, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, where he significantly contributed as part of the executive team, driving global sales and marketing strategies. This role highlighted his capability to manage the intricacies of the global dental market, laying the groundwork for his subsequent achievements.

During his time with Corus Orthodontists, Pollack’s talent for fostering growth and development was particularly evident in the U.S. market. Leading Business Development, he was instrumental in the company’s expansion and prosperity, showcasing his profound insight into the North American dental and orthodontic arena.

Pollack’s educational achievements include a Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Colorado, providing him with a worldwide outlook and a solid base for tackling the challenges and seizing opportunities in the dental and orthodontic industries. His career reflects his dedication to excellence, innovation, and collaborative efforts to revolutionize clinical care and promote sustainable development for dental practices.

Adam Pollack
Vice President, Business Development Southwest US
(AZ, CA, OR, OK, TX)

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